Here is our brilliant selection of outdoor candles specially developed & conceived for those who love Nature: they bring light into your garden and balcony, they last longer, they resist wind, snow or rain. Designed exclusively for outdoors. Both aesthetically pleasing and useful to light up an alley during a wedding or a special party. The these are the highest quality wind & waterproof candles you will find anywhere. These are exceedingly popular in Europe and are often used for weddings, for special sporting events like golf tournaments or horse riding events, for outdoor song festivals or outdoor concerts, even for special effects in outdoor theaters.

Beautiful Windproof Tealight Candles



These candles give a warm & cosy touch to an outdoor wedding, a garden-party or simply a barbecue with your friends. It can also be placed on an outdoor staircase or outside a window. Perfect to light up parks or gardens of exceptional houses.
In Europe it is very usual to see these candles in winter in the snow, lighting up a small-sized igloo made with snow balls. In summer this kind of candle is set in the garden when sitting & dinning late in the cool evenings.
It is also used by hotels and townhalls for special outdoor events, or for outdoor corporate functions.
These wind & waterproof candles offer good resistance to wind, snow and even rain.

Sold by the unit.

Available as a small 8 cm diameter 6 hour candle, and a large 15 cm diameter 10 hour candle. For outdoor use only!

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